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Losing or accidentally deleting your important files can be so stressing. However, this is not the end of everything. There is the option of recovering these files though it might be so expensive. This is why it is always good to backup your data daily. Lose of data also may be caused by virus infection in your computer or the storage devices you are currently using. In such a scenario, it is important that you stop using the affected device first. Then you should begin the process of recovering your data before they are permanently gone. To perform this, you need to choose recovery software that favors you. Some of these are;

Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition

You can use this software especially when you are not able to boot into windows. This is best done when your PC is running where you will first install the software then after you find an empty CD/DVD or any other storage device with large space. Then you will need to insert your CD to the computer and restart it. Thereafter, you will be given various options for data recovery. This is the best option in the case that all other ways have failed.

MiniToll Partition Recovery Free

This is used in cases where you have lost a whole drive or partition. This problem is mostly when you have accidentally deleted a file or you may have corrupted a partition header. You can do this task without the need of leaving the windows. With ease you just need to fire it up and choose the drive that contains your lost data. You can then scan the whole disk or the part that contains the lost data. Quick scan or you can just carry out a full scan then you wait for some time after which your files will be recovered.

DMDE Free Edition

This software can help you recover data from various arrays of drives. Using this software might not be an easy task but the good side is that it is the best and most effective. DMDE works by allowing you to select a drive that will identify all that needs to be worked on. You will have a file explorer that will help you recover all the data that you need. You can also upgrade this software to either Express or Standard edition that will make your work so easy.

Piriform Recuva

This is the software that you always need to have. Just with easy wizard and a deep scan, this software will open all file recovery wizard by default. You will just need to select the files you want to be recovered then the software will center its search there.

Therefore, in case you lose your important files you do not need to panic. Just find the best software that will help you recover them and you continue with the process. However, there is a big need that you backup your data on a daily basis. This will save you time and stress.






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